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Nufftuff cases

Nufftuff Nude

Our Nude range of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases are made for people who hate cases. Nothing feels better than using your phone naked, but its always smart to use a well designed case to protect your expensive smartphone from scratches, drops and scuffs. Our Nude range of cases is all about minimal bulk. They are all made from polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is a light, flexible, and tough plastic which is used in the construction, automotive and aeronautical industries as well as in the smartphone industry where is is a commonly used material in mobile phone design. Polycarbonate (or ‘PC’ for short) lends itself to applications which require durability and ruggedness, but where maintaining low weight and low bulk designs are important. The cut outs for our Nude cases are precision made ensuring you always have access to all the buttons and switches on your phone. 

Nufftuff Impact

The Impact range of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases utilise Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU for short) to enhance the ability of the case to absorb a higher amount of G-force upon impact. TPU is a very widely used plastic especially in cases used for smartphones, but also in the power tools, sporting goods, and medical devices industries. TPU is one of the most effective thermoplastics currently used to protect phones from drops. Nufftuff‘s Impact range of cases use TPU which has been moulded to the optimum level of thickness to provide adequate cushioning to provide protection from impacts from drops  onto hard, rocky surfaces such as concrete.