Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9

Protection and style. No compromise. We call this case Nude, because you'll barely notice its there.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is tough, and its waterproof. But it still needs protection from drops and scratches. Nothing feels better than using a phone without a case. That's why we created Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9. It's incredibly thin, and light, and is designed to protect your phone from scratches and scuffs. It's so light and thin you'll forget you have put it on your phone at all. It has a slightly raised rim around the camera module so you can protect the camera lens from scratches. It's made from poly-carbonate plastic and has a matte finish. It comes in a range of great colours including Charcoal black, Hot Pink, and Summer Sun. Check out our store to see the full range.

We challenged ourselves and have created a beautiful case using high grade materials which effectively protects your Galaxy S9. Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9 is the result of our innovation. Everything about Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9 is crafted to perfection. Button cut outs are precision fitted, and the case hugs the back and sides of Galaxy S9 as if it were a part of the phone itself. You have to feel it to really appreciate it.

Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9. Protection and style

Choose your colour

Hot pink, Summer sun, Charcoal black. Theres a colour for everyone. Whichever colour you choose, you'll love the slim design of Nude for Samsung Galaxy S9 and will appreciate the tactile matte, frosted finish of the case. 

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Nobody likes to wait for parcels to arrive. That is why we never sell products which we do not have in stock at our Peterborough, England based warehouse. We usually ship to the UK within 3 days. To Europe within 5 days and to the rest of the world within 7 days. Never wait more than a week for your case to arrive. If youre not entirely happy with your case you can return it back to Nufftuff for a full refund within 14 days.