"Will my iPhone X case fit iPhone XS?" The answer is "it depends..." Let us explain

"Will my iPhone X case fit iPhone XS?" The answer is "it depends..." Let us explain

iPhone XS is here.... but whats changed from iPhone X?
On 12th September 2018 Apple revealed their new iPhones. In doing so the world finally came to know what the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will look like and what they will offer when they go on sale later this year. They look... good, and frankly, a lot like last year's iPhone X. Lets be honest - there is nothing revolutionary here! Thats not at all a bad thing- iPhone X is a gorgeous, powerful cutting edge phone even at one year (almost) since launch. For those wondering if their iPhone X case is compatible with iPhone XS, the answer is yes and no!...

What do you mean Yes and No?
Well, here is a side by side comparison of the most recent iPhone specs compared to the iPhone X specs including their relative dimensions:

Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 180522png

Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 181259png

Wait- there identical?!
Not quite...! But, as you can see from the details above, iPhone XS and X dimensions are almost identical. Button placement remains unchanged also. In fact Apple have managed to create a phone with IP68 water resistance (an improvement over iPhone X and its IP67 water resistance), packed in twice as much storage, a more powerful processor and a more powerful camera whilst still maintaining the same dimensions to the handset. This is impressive, and also great for the lucky ones amongst us who intend to upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone XS sometime soon.

So, my iPhone X case will fit iPhone XS? Great!
Its not quite so simple! Depending on the type of case you were using, your old case might continue to work with your new phone. Broadly speaking, there are two scenarios:

Your iPhone X case is a TPU or soft silicone based case
In this scenario, your iPhone X case will indeed work perfectly fine with your iPhone XS. What we've learnt at Nufftuff.com from our time with iPhone X and XS is that the rear camera bump on iPhone XS is slightly (less than 1mm) taller than the one on iPhone X. But only slightly. As a result, the iPhone X cases which are made from flexible Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or silicone materials are perfectly able to compensate for the small difference in size of the camera module. Nufftuff's Impact for iPhone X/XS is actually intended to fit both and so its a great case for either phone, and is excellent at protecting from drops too.

Your iPhone X case is a Poly-carbonate or 'hard' plastic/ wood / metal /hybrid case
In this scenario, unfortunately we would not recommend using iPhone X cases with iPhone XS. Your 'hard' iPhone X case is not going to be compatible with iPhone XS, and, its more than likely going to be an ill fitting case due to the inability of the hard plastic to sufficiently flex and compensate for the difference in Camera module dimensions. A word of warning: if a case manufacturer tells you their hard plastic case is compatible with iPhone X and XS; approach with caution!. Oh, and if you're looking for a slim and sleek iPhone X 'hard' case, you should really take a look at Nufftuff's Nude for iPhone X. Its called '"Nude" for a good reason ;-).

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