Apple vs Samsung: Who makes the “better” Smartphone

Apple vs Samsung: Who makes the “better” Smartphone

 Even I have gotten caught up in the hype. Which is better? Who makes the best hardware? Who makes the best software? Who's device is the fastest? Who's device has the longest battery life? Which device has the best camera? Which device has the best screen? Which device has the most processing power? Which device has the best modem? Which phone is the most durable? This list is endless! I have come to the point where I have stopped even caring. Because what it really comes down to in the end, the factor which matters the most in determining if a smartphone is good, or bad, is how well it allows you to do what you need it to do. When we start to judge performance in this new way, it means we can be more grown up about the topic of which is better: Samsung or Apple. 

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Inevitably, we all need a phone which does more than simply take great photos. There are probably a wide range of things we need our choice of smartphone to do well. Applying this principle to my old Samsung galaxy s7 edge, I came to the conclusion that, the only reason why I upgraded to S8 (apart from the amazing discount) was nothing at all to do with the s7 edge meeting my needs well. Over 2 years after I got the s7 edge it still was flying. Speed, battery life, durability, the camera performance, multitasking capabilities were all fantastic. Especially for a 2.5 year old smartphone. In the end I upgraded because it was a good offer. Now I use an S8 as my daily driver. Its not a current year flagship! But you know what? Its great. It meets my needs well. 

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I think my other half, when she upgraded last year to the iPhone XS from her iPhone 6S would have argued differently. Her iPhone 6S took a bath and was glitchy after that. So she needed a new phone which would meet her needs.. She could have probably got an iPhone 6S again, but she decided the rose gold iPhone XS met her need more! She didn't care much for the insane power inside the XS provided by the A12 bionic. She did however learn to really appreciate FaceID.

While specs and numbers and stats will help us to determine the likely ability of a phone to meet our needs, the ultimate determination can only be made by using the phone yourself. Your “better” may not be my “better”

Comment below to tell us some of the factors and features that matter to you in a smartphone. 

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